What is Our Jewish Story?

The longer I traveled the more I became convinced that everyone has a Jewish story. Some people might be Jewish, some had a Jewish friend or co-worker, some had an ex girlfriend. Regardless of who they were or where they were from, they all had a Jewish story. What’s your Jewish story?

Sippur is Hebrew for story and the photography project and the coffee table book are a way to share the culture and stories without judgement or preconceptions. They are a way for you to share words, art, pictures and videos. Share your stories, art, music or poetry and it doesn’t matter it it is good or bad; do what you feel like but share, the world wants to know.



1) Preserve:
Over the course of recent human history, many unique communities disappeared without a trace. Because it is impossible to predict what may happen in this dynamic world, it is important to discover, preserve and share before places and people disappear.

2) Inform:
People all over the world have a certain idea about Jewish culture just as Jews have a certain idea about who they are. And yet Jewish culture is so diverse, colored by the flavor of each country that hosts them over the two millennia of exile. Our Story shows the diversity and thereby preserves the diversity.

3) Inspire:
Diaspora exists in all cultures and everywhere. There are English all over the world as there are Armenians, Chinese and Iranians. From Our Story, I wish to see a network of “our” stories that create a global story. Please let me know if this inspires you to go on your own journey of discovery and I will do everything I can to help you share another part of our collective story.

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