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The story of the world shaping Jewish culture and changing in the process over 2000 years. Created by one traveller traveling to 32 countries, photographing, writing and interviewing Jewish diaspora and their neighbors.




My name is Sam and in 2012, I packed my bags and ventured on a journey to 32 countries in order to create a Coffee Table Book called Your Story, Our Sipur.  The book was put together with help of friends, family, editors and designers after traveling to 32 countries to learn about my past. I wanted to find out what makes Jewish people so diverse and how they managed to survive. I wanted to know what traits they left with the cultures that hosted them and what traits Jewish people adopted in order to survive. The book is filled with photographs and stories of life and traditions that I found in over 30 countries taken over the course of one year.


Your Story, Our Sipur
Your Story, Our Sipur

Four years in the making, the book is a collection of photographs of the world from a Jewish perspective focused on showing how Jewish people adapted to the cultures of their host countries during their time of exile, how they adapted to survive in vastly diverse and different environments and how they kept the core of their teachings in spite of two millennia of exile.


Over 70 pages of text.
Over 70 pages of text.

Your Story is a labor of love. It is over 450 pictures picked out of thousands laid out in 192 pages with descriptions and explanations of each country, its history and a description of Jewish customs and traditions that I discovered for myself and felt like sharing with those like me, who are Jewish or know Jewish people but only on a superficial level. The book shows how Jewish customs resemble and differ depending on the country where they are practiced. The book is a hard-bound and full color 8.5″x11″ which giving a unique glimpse into individuals, homes, communities and countries around the world.


Your Story, Our Sipur is a limited print of 1000 books. Funded through a kickstarter we were able to create a beautiful hard bound books. They have 191 pages with over 450 full color photographs with over 70 pages of text. Each book is numbered.

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You can also get the hardcover 190 page book here, via Amazon or in stores around the country as shown in the map at the bottom of the page.

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  1. You’re amazing! Such a gorgeous and incredible journey. It’s fascinating how it also shows the secular nature of the global Jewish world.

    Let me be a geek for a second – in the US, about 3% of american Jews practice modern orthodoxy. Based on a Pew Research poll, .2% of the world’s population is Jewish. Emphasis on the “point two”. It’s staggering that 468,000 or 9.4% of American Jewry is Haredi, but this is the second largest in the world. If we take these small numbers away, a total of 12.4%, and realize that they are quite large by global standards, it’s no wonder that the communities are practically imperceptible. Good job in finding the small traces and starting to bridge the gap!

  2. Excellent!! Thanks for sharing this. I will be looking into this format for some future books I would like to write and self-publish with the topics of American synagogue architecture and history. This looks like a possible way to go. Wishing you success with your new book. I shall post it on my Facebook Page and on my Twitter page as well.

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